Somewhere South of Sheer Insanity (Anonymous Androids version #1)

Not quite done, but not sure how much will be able to post….
Limitations regarding equipment….
But this is far more complete… and complex… that what was posted previously….

Warning: Anyone considering listening to this one might want to seek some protection….
A tin-foil hat…. Beanie…. Something of that ilk….

Otherwise… just strap on some strange… step out of your comfort zone… and take a hike… go for a walk in the weird….
Or… get out of the way….

Oh, yeah….
The key….
Just pick one. It’s in there.
This piece is atonal.

Essentially everything previously posted has a key signature. Most are some variation of !-IV-V… Blues… chord structure….
This one is definitely NOT….
There IS a melody. Of sorts….
Not likely one that anyone will hum. Maybe hm-m-m-m-m-m-m a little….
Or a LOT!!!

Not much more to say….

The Collective Intelligence suspects that Schoenberg… and Stockhausen… and even that other Mississippi boy Babbitt… and all of those other Atonal and Serial and Twelve-tone composers could have done a much better job….
That’s why they’re famous….


Simply Plotting… in a Strange New Millieu.

Where is all of this about Black Death and Cumans and Nestorian heretics and Tanais and Marco Polo and The Great Schism… coming from…? Where could anyone ever see a common thread in any of that? Did this suddenly become some sort of history class?

Three words for you: plot lines.

Oops! Guess that was two. Words.

Various plot lines.

Believable fiction must be based somewhere in fact. The fiction that I like best is when I cannot tell where the facts end… and the fiction begins….

Such as… where religious dogma ends… and real life begins….

When you can never tell whether what you are experiencing is real… or not….
What you sincerely believe… is truth… or not….
Do you DARE… question…?
Do you DARE… simply accept…?
How do you know what is what… and what is wrong…?
How can you have the Courage… to remain Faithful… when the world around you is out of control…? Telling you convincingly that you are DEAD WRONG!!!

We’ve only begun to scratch the surface, gentle friends and gentle readers….
Grab some padding for your seat. I have a feeling this is about to become a bumpy ride!

A Thoughtful Reply to an Unthoughtful Rant Regarding Michael Sam’s Short Career as a Ram.

This is not reporting. This is a highly biased opinion piece designed to present on agenda-driven side of an argument. If you followed what Coach Fisher and the Rams did in the draft- they drafted a defensive tackle in the first round and signed another defensive end immediately after the draft named Westbrook. Mr. Westbrook has at least an equally compelling personal interest story as Sam, so no one can argue that he doesn’t deserve a spot on the team at least as much as Sam from that angle as well. In retrospect, drafting Sam and signing Westbrook as an undrafted free agent is a solid stroke of genius, as is not allowing Oprah to film- because there really is no story here.

The Rams also cut the quarterback they drafted in the sixth round, Garrett Gilbert, which was definite need on the team after starter Sam Bradford was lost for the season, as well as ALL of their seventh round picks…. So… is Michael Sam really in any way an outlier? Or is this just a perceived opportunity for a group of disaffected individuals to rake up some muck and raise a m*****-f****** ruckus, as the Wu-Tang Clan might opine.

How often do teams pick up rookies cut other teams after their first pre-season? If that is a frequent occurrence, and Sam is an exception, then the story has legs. But the reporter didn’t bother to actually “report” on the story. The player and reporter both seem to simply jump to a hasty and seemingly agenda driven conclusion without adequate research. Being on the Buffalo Bills, not the Saint Louis Rams, probably means the player has no inside information. And the reporter just uses that as an opportunity to present his own highly biased opinion. That’s truly sketchy journalism. In fact… it really isn’t journalism at all. It’s propaganda.

To prove that the only logical reason for Sam not to be signed to the practice squad of another team without providing reputable statistics does Mr. Sam and the gay community a severe disservice… if you want to convince people that gay athletes can compete solely based on their talent. Now… if you want to argue that quotas should be put in place based on population demographics rather than skill… well… that would be a very interesting option, too. First, the NFLPA would have to start actually acting like a REAL Union… and forcing all players that performed the same jobs to work for the same pay and have the same contracts. That would certainly improve parody, if not parity.

But the first order of business is to end reporting of unsubstantiated subjective opinion as fact. That is intentionally misleading and fails to meet the journalistic standards of good practice.