What’s this blog about?

Science fact. And Science Fiction. From a Southern Christian Conservative point of view for the most part with a Jeffersonian Democratic Republican Constitutional Conservative bent for the most part. We will discuss Politics, particularly as the subject points towards possibly dystopian themes. We will certainly discuss the entire circular reasoning of Political Extremism from Totalitarian Fascism on the Far Right all the way around to Ideology intersects and intermingles with AnarchoCommunism in the Far Left. We will focus on Micro and Macro Economics, as good Economic Determinists usually do. We will hit on Christian apologetics with a distinctly Traditionalist Reformed Fundamentalist perspective. We will contrast other faiths, including Secular Humanism, with a focus on presentation of Science Facts. We will seek the Truth. And bluntly discuss the limitations of the Scientific Method, and how that limits what can Rationally and Reasonably and Logically extrapolated using Science.

Facts obtained through experimentation can be compared to expected results. Statistical analysis can suggest that with a very high probability, the study group and the expected results are from different populations. However, Science cannot prove than an explanation for the statistical difference in the results is true. Science also can never address the question “Why?”

We propose to use Theology to debunk issues of faith. Philosophy to debunk issues of morality and ethics. And Science to debunk issues of Science. We will discuss History to provide context. And we will discuss Politics because… we can….

The opinions presented will not be particularly Politically Correct. And we will be Contrarian. And we will present numerous paradoxes and alternative perspectives.

At some point, we will discuss particular Science Fiction works. Perhaps other works of Fiction and Non-fiction including Fantasy and Mysteries. And aesthetics. Poetry and music.

Ideally… discussion on technical and non-technical aspects of writing fiction and non-fiction as well as building platform and getting published would be a fun diversion… if anyone is interested in such things….

In short… anything is fair game….

If anyone has any particular topics that are near-and-dear to them that they would like to bring up… just let us know….

Now…. Let’s get DANGEROUS….


All poems, stories and opinions are the intellectual property of the authors and may not be used without permission and appropriate recognition/credit. Thank you.


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