Ol’ Buzzard’s Song

18 May 2016 0448

I was lost and down-hearted
Alone and forsaken
Like an old buzzard sittin’ out by the roadside
Feelin’ too tired to fly
Didn’t know how to drive
Didn’t have no bike
So I guess I decided
I’d spend the rest of my life
Just wonderin’ ’round watching
Other folks lives slide by….

Then I spied a lone, lonely corn stalk
Standing still out in a cornfield
She looked like I felt…
too tired to walk….
But still too young to just die….
I’d about had enough
We were both burning up
Out in that hot Free State sunshine.
I was feelin’ pretty parched
And she looked like such a pretty perch
And I was tired of being scorched
By the bright bright light
Blown and burned by the bitter wind
All I could really see in store for me
Was some dark clouds in the distance
And a spate of stiff resistance
And… really no hope to ever find real love again
Really no hope to ever feel real love again
And I thought…
Maybe if I climb up that corn stalk….
At least I’ll see things from a different viewpoint
Maybe gain a complete change in perspective….
No… she ain’t my type….
But just overlook the hype
If I can just climb the height….
Maybe the work will be worth it….
And then my eyes met your eyes
And my lips met yours lips
And suddenly that kiss
My, oh my! It….
I can’t quite explain it….
It felt like rain….
It felt like rain!
Wet on my big beak
Streaming down my hard cheek
Cool down to my toes
Refreshing my soul
It was all I needed then
To feel alive again
Just a thundershower
Of some cool, cool rain!


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