Moving On… Still Farther….

No, this is not the same recording of the guitar part. This is a redo… with the mic volume set more appropriately for stereo….

I added a first trial of a vocal part… and a separate accent track… well… just because….!369&authkey=!AC6am6EXF_qWaKU&ithint=file%2cm4a

Still working on the lyrics… and this includes some fresh additions… which you can read as “on the fly”….

But… the main purpose of this track is to figure out the chord changes… and try to marry that to the lyrics… and then use those elements to solidify the song’s structure…. Which means that I’m basically just making it up as I go along… and sharing it with you… so anyone who might be interested can observe the process….

This ain’t how YOU should do it….

It’s just how I do it…. And I do it differently each time….

Learned to merge different regions on this track. Learned it didn’t fix the dead air that I was trying to fix… but I’m no recording engineer… and I’m just in the early stage of learning…. Sharing my mistakes…. Almost live!


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