Moving On….

Back to a previous composition in development….

Been studying the guitar fretboard. Trying to understand the rudiments….

Dominant 7s….

What’s different about the various 7 chords….

WHY the Myxolydian Mode is THE Dominant Scale… and… why it matters….

Because I have THIS little ditty banging around inside my head… knocking like it wants to rock OUT….!368&authkey=!APkCClcOCW1XW-c&ithint=file%2cm4a

Warning: This is just a mic test…. Nothing more. Just trying to set up a rig to record acoustic guitar in stereo. And… I was somewhat successful….

Included the click track so you can see where I started to get ahead a bit… but the song really needs to pick up some speed….

Here are my suggestions for budding recording engineers… and potentially artists… or other artisans….

  1. If you use a condenser microphone… make sure you have the phantom power switched on…. Basic. DUH! Yeah…. Well….
  2. Set the gain of BOTH channels if you are attempting to record in stereo. If you have the gain of channel 1 set relatively high… and channel 2 essentially at zero gain… and do not even know which mic is recording on which channel… your recording may come out like THIS one…. So… DON’T DO IT!!!
  3. At least take the time to write out a list of the chord changes before you start recording…. Don’t just wing it.

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