Yet Another al Dente Noodle….


First off…. To be honest…. This is just TOO busy….

This song needs to be 4-5x longer… and each of the parts needs to be given its own space….

That being said… THAT ain’t gonna happen….

At least not today….

So… guess you’ll just have to try to enjoy this Noodle a little undercooked….

I serve you… Noodle in C Major….

Now… if you have a pair of headphones… or stereo speakers… you may  be able to appreciate SOME spatial separation….

If not… then just remember… it’s still a meal in preparation….

Worked on dynamics a bit. Adjusting some of the levels so that all of the important parts can be heard. But that detail would be much better if I gave the parts more space in which to breath.

Removed and reworked the solo guitars on the right and left.  Some of that… especially the left… could use more work on the dynamics…. Or even further editing. Removing ambiguous and overlapping temporal parts….

The piano part at the beginning was not really played “as is”. I edited it. A lot. Trying to find precisely what space I wanted the chords to fit into. The solo descending run, etc. were recorded raw. I did work on the dynamics a bit, but the dynamics today were much smoother than previously. Probably my fingers didn’t have to listen to my mind too much… because I was distracted… and just let it flow…. No set solo planned out…. Just didn’t want to get TOO jazzy…. KISS!!!

Recorded a B3 part. Chords. Didn’t like how it sounded. Didn’t like how it fit. Erased it. Tried it again. Still didn’t like it. Decided to go without any Hammond in the mix. Then… just let my fingers walk about a bit…. Just because I love a little B3 in the background….

They only part of this Noodle that isn’t new is the rhythm guitar part. Recorded that in one sitting, so… too lazy to go back and redo it….



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