Correcting my Screw-Up

Now I am about where I was when I decided to take that shortcut yesterday. Technology is still not my friend. The Internet decided to be interminably slow….

Notice that for some reason the pitch of almost EVERY NOTE was shifted about a full tone. Two half-tones. But not EVERY note. So… had to go through and edit each one individually….

Decided to try to use Excel to help me keep up with what I’m doing….

This is closer to how it’s supposed to sound… but not exactly right yet….

The back half is mostly a sonic experiment. I’m looking for the sounds I want more than anything else. Just trying some things out. Not sure I’ll keep any of them. Almost certainly not ALL of them….

And… I have ideas for other experiments that I want to try as well….

But… not tonight….

Still some issue with the dynamics. Got some ideas on how to fix those, but I want to mesh that with some of my more… experimental ideas….


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