Possessive Predicate

Learned something today….


Something BIG!!!


Possessive Predicate.


I don’t mean to suggest that I am opposed to learning. Or even suggest that I am not always encountering things I don’t know… and learning… but usually… it’s small things…. Just filling in gaps….


But Possessive Predicate is a whole new classification of concepts in a field of knowledge that I thought had a pretty good fund of knowledge… at least about the basics….


A Possessive Predicate is similar to the concept of the possessive adjective… only different….

Possessive Adjective: That is her Bible.

Possessive Predicate: That Bible is hers.


I learned about it while studying Writing Better Lyrics: The Essential Guide to Powerful Songwriting by Pat Pattison. Great book! Lot’s of great ideas. Lot’s of great exercises. Like Object Writing. Creating better metaphor….


Well… guess I’ll get back to work….


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