Modern Conveniences….

Opened up the guitar case….

Wasn’t sure which one was in there….

It was the Strat….
Haven’t really played it in a while. Changed the strings not too long ago, but we’ve been on the road. A lot of adverse weather conditions….

A lot of adverse TUNING conditions….

So… it was SERIOUSLY out of tune….

The wood of the neck… and the neck of the strings… have different coefficients of expansion….

So… going from mid-80’s in Mississippi on Saturday… and upper-70’s in Tennessee on Sunday… to below freezing in Connecticut on Sunday night and lower 40s in Massachusetts during the day Monday… probably adversely effected the tuning….

But… I must’ve put my Chromatic Tuner away somewhere safe… where I wouldn’t LOSE it….

Too bad I’m working on a “cleaner” sound… because a good bit of distortion really helps to make accurate tuning more of an option than a necessity….

I wonder how the pioneers and other ancestors did it….

How did they SURVIVE without modern conveniences… like electronic tuners…? How did they ever get tuned into something like Mountain Modal without a Chromatic Tuner? Guess that’s why harmonicas were so popular….


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