Notes on Julia (MAX Distortion D-Mo’ version)

Julia is a love song. About teenage love….
With lyrics like… Walk on cotton-candy clouds… Lips sweet as wine….

The version as recorded is Punked OUT!!!
Plethoric with SNARCASM!!!

Rocking out with bass… some pentatonic guitar work… and some chromatic elements as well….

The riff is moving semi-tones to give the song a very dystonic… deliberately delinquent… quality….
Add a HEAP of distortion… and flange it like the songs on FIRE!!!… and throw in vocals that are intentionally off key and off tempo… and ya get… SNARCALICIOUSness….

All THAT song needs is some more cowbell….

Because no snarcastic social commentary song can EVER possibly have too much cowbell….
Just can’t happen….


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