A Commercial Pronouncement….

Finally found a harmonica that not only stays in tune with a tune, but also stayed in same key as both my playin’ an’ the rest of the band…. I personally… or impersonally for that matter… endorse this here harmonicky…. This is the Harriest Potterin’est Harmonicky Granger I’ve ever set my lips on and blowed…. Makes me feel like Ingrid Bergman in Casablankey…. No ‘scuze me…. I gotter go wet my whistler with some of that SUpremely sweet iced coffee from over at the Pho Shizzle located at the Faux Seasons Hotel in exotic downtown Whistler, Mississippi (Beat Four if’n yo’ kin folk….) So jus’ pucker up ‘n’ tell ’em Big Woody sent yo’ runnin’….

Big Woody Johnson
Guest Harmonicophonist on Mico, Mississippi Moanin’ Stroll
World Renowned Studio Musician and Main Star Big Woody Johnson & his Big Johnson Blues Bandits


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