That’s Alright, Mama….

Big Woody stormed back into the Chicken Coop Recording Studio deep in the heart of Shady Grove, Mississippi. Again. This afternoon. And declared pretty… or not-so-pretty… matter-of-factly… the he weren’t leaving the premises until he had honored ALL of the dead Memphis Royalty….
And then he promptly turned his big butt around… got all up in our faces… and cut one for the KANG!!!
The King of Rock & Roll himself. Mr. Elvis Presley.

This song is carrying a lot of meaning personally for the Collective Intelligence at Wright-Wang Extreme Mystery, Inc. right at the moment. Or wrong at the moment. In this moment. In this situation. Whatever the case may be.
And we’d rather be resting our case… sucking down a case… kicked up in one of dem dare hammock swangs… way out in metropolis of Whistler, Mississippi… with our legs propped up on that railing overlooking that cement pond out back of the Faux Seasons… sipping on a cold one…. One of those delicious Pho Shizzle Iced Coffees….

Well… he’s hoping that this is another Big Woody one that won’t be ignored….
Big Woody with a bullet headed straight… to #1!

But… That’s Alright, Mama….

Off their album: Big Woody Johnson & his Big Johnson Blues Bandits Break Out!
That’s Alright, Mama…. Written by Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup….


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