Crosscut Saw….

Just a tiny bit of an issue here at the Chicken Coop Recording Studio located just a tiny bit North of the legendary Tuff Scuffle Ranch… in beautiful downtown Shady Grove, Mississippi…. The VERY Heart of the Deep South….

Actually… it’s really a BIG deal….

First, blues legend B.B. King died. May he rest in peace.

And after being hit by that tragic news… Big Woody Johnson showed up….
Big Woody feels… well… like both that Big Woody… and all the Big Johnsons… are being neglected….
They feel slighted. Devalued. Overlooked. Ignored.
Because they believe… that the Collective Intelligence at Wright-Wang Extreme Mystery, Inc….. the entire staff… and the rest of creative and recreative and procreative and even the destructive elements at Wright-Wang Extreme Mystery, Inc. and the Chicken Coop Recording Studio staff have been totally focused on this here new-fangled rabbit music that’s nothing but a bunch of noise hipping and hopping all over the place…. And he can’t stand hippies or hoppies or poopy-poppy-sniffing flower childs… or any of that crap….

Mr. Johnson went on to say that ignoring a Big Woody or ANY Big Johnson might just be a bad thing….

Anyway…. Big Woody Johnson dropped by the studio…. Burst in the door….
And demanded that we drop what we were doing… and record playing and singing an old blues classic… that most people have never heard… in tribute to B.B. King….

We pointed out that Crosscut Saw was not recorded by B.B. King, but rather by his cousin Albert King… and he said that if we could record all that rabbit music… we could record this one… because any song by any King is better than the crap we’ve been putting out….

We pointed out that he was also helping out on the Mississippi Homeboy Throwdown project and received credit… and compensation… just like the Southron Rap Assassins… and he said that didn’t matter….
It ain’t about the money….
It’s about the art….
And honoring Mr. B.B. King….

Big Woody said Crosscut Saw fit him better sty-a-listically as an artiste anyway… and that he actually knew this song and didn’t want to waste time learning another one by another King….

So… here are Big Woody Johnson & his Big Johnson Blues Bandits… from their upcoming album Big Woody & his Big Johnson Blues Bandits Break Out!
Doing Crosscut Saw….


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