Making of Mississippi Homeboy Throwdown: Introduction & First Bowel Movement (Wayne County Remix)

Let’s see….

Added Frailing on Fender Banjo tuned Open G, which is most common Banjo tuning. Not particularly adept at frailing….
Fiddle tuned in sort of a Old Tymey Appalachian Mountain Open G, but the thing is cheap and won’t stay in tune for even a minute….
Dobro tuned in Dobro Standard Open G… which is GBDgbd….
Harmonica is Hohner Blues Harp in D played in second position which is G major affecting E minor…. Recorded using Narration Vocal patch…. A bit of bluesy bending….

Most of the vocals are recorded using Telephone patch in Garage Band… which introduces a bit of a delay that makes synchronization a bit tricky.

Piano is Concert Stein Grand Piano patch played using keyboard dropped two octaves. First and third parts are recorded straight. Middle part was created synthetically (notes pieced together).

Hip-Hop stylings include Dub Smash, Vintage Synth Bass & Electric Buzz patches arranged synthetically.

Oh…. Almost forgot to mention…. That sound of a the bass dropping… was the bass… dropping….

Idea is kind of Uncle Dave Macon reincarnated as a Hip-Hop artist at the Ryman Auditorium of the Grand Ole Opry…. The Dixie Dew Drop…. First Star….
Music and Comedy co-mingling….

And… please notice that the Wayne County Cousins are the ones who are up-to-date in their appreciation of music….
And if you must know… yes… it’s in 4/4…. Four Beats to the measure….
Hence… Beat Four….


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