River of Life (third re-edit)

the Dark Mirror: Reflections for Flawed Christians

Threes the charm….
Unless this is four….

River of Life
by BaHR
14 April 2015 0854
09 May 2015 1831

River of Life flood my soul.
Wash me clean. Make me whole.
Oh-oh-oh… drown my sin…
Teach me how to live again.
Make me yours wherever I go.
Give me life. Come and take control.

Descend on me like a heavenly dove.
Help me feel the only True Love.
Help me live like I know I should.
Help me know-ow-ow… God is good!

River of Life come like a flood.
Wash me clean in my Saviour’s blood.
The blood that he spilled on Calvary’s Tree
Is the only that can set me free.
Oh-oh-oh-oh, River of Love….

River of Love come calm my fears.
Let me feel your Spirit near.
Descend on me like a heavenly dove
Teach me to live spreading your divine love.
Oh-oh-oh-oh, River of Tears….


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