River of Life (second re-edit)

the Dark Mirror: Reflections for Flawed Christians

And… re-work ’em again….

River of Life
by BaHR
14 April 2015 0854
09 May 2015 1757

River of Life flood my soul.
Wash me clean. Make me whole.
Oh-oh-oh… drown my sin…
Teach me how to live again.
Make me yours wherever I go.
Give me life. Come and take control.

Descend on me like a heavenly dove.
Help me feel the only True Love.
Help me live like I know I should.
Help me know-ow-ow… God is good!

River of Life come like a flood.
Wash me clean in my Saviour’s blood.
The blood that he spilled on Calvary’s Tree
Is the only that can set me free.
Oh-oh-oh-oh, River of Love….

River of Love come calm my fears.
Let me feel your Spirit near.
Descend on me like a heavenly dove
Teach me to live spreading your divine love.
Oh-oh-oh-oh, River of Tears….

River of Tears flood…

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