Whazz zzUP!!!

Trying to do some recruiting today. Put together a band to lay down some tracks for MHT. Mississippi Homeboy Throwdown. We’re going for the Jones County Sound, so… kind of looking for Local Talent….

So far… potential recruits include… in no particular order of talent:
Not-Too-Slim Shady Grove
Dr. John-AY!
Some who calls himself Extra Crispy KFC
DJ Full Pants Load
Nit Witless
Money Mo… who’s flat broke… so he should be Money? No!
and, of course Shock Monkey Shock Me
and my Homeboy Cousin Klum Z.

Trying to get Jay-rEE!!! to help with recording. He may be a man of unsound mind, but we’re just looking for some help with Sound Engineering….

Our Special Projects Group is trying to with sufficient survival skills to survive being locked in the studio with Roadkill Zombies long enough to lay down the vocal tracks on Vampire of Love. Some old guy showed up late last night claiming he was the man for the job. He just may be. Certainly looks ghoulish enough. Think his name is Eliot Ghoul…. Says he’s Canadien. Guess he plays hockey with that spelling….


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