Whazz zzUP!!! II….

Ok. This is getting to be like the Shady Rest Hotel.
I mean this is starting to get just a little out of control….
This ain’t no Cattle Call!
We’re looking for Vocal Talent….
We asked for Local Talent….
But… all we’re getting is Yokel Talent….

Now… my Homeboy Cousin Klum Z is telling me that his Li’l Sista… Lady Lay-Z feels entitled not only to join the band… but bring along her pet rodent to be the official mascot…. She says it will help our image to have her pet representing…. But… resenting is probably a better word…. Might get stuck with that rat The Gross-faced Chinchillah! though…. It ain’t no chinchilla. It’s a Brown Norway Rat!

That’s the problem with trying to start projects on the cheap using FFF funding and resources: Friends, Family & Fools…. Hard to say no to family and friends and fools don’t take NO! for an answer….

Which leads me to Cousin Klum Z’s Older Bro. Or Bra…. He thinks he’s a swimsuit model. Wants to be on the cover. And in the video…. I told him I think he’s too sexy…. His Christian name is Fred, but his Rap Name is Not-Good E. He wanted to call himself Hot E… or Bad E… but Not-Good E is perfect! As in… Not-Good E-nuff…. I said: “What’s your talent? Show me what you got!” Shouldn’t ve done THAT! He started stripping…. And screaming…. “I’m too sexy for this shirt!” Nuff said, Fred….

The Chinese Food Delivery Dude wants to get in on the actions, too. Says we need some Asian Influence. A different flavor inspiration…. Don’t know his REAL name, but he calls himself Yoo Foo L…. And… he won’t take NO! for an answer…. At least he’s had a piano lesson…. Upside? Finally someone who may at least have SOME much needed TALENT!!! Maybe we can call him Foo Dog… or Dim Sum ‘N….

I as I live and breath! He comes Bro’ Mo’ Ron…. I’m sure he’s gonna ask to be the lead singer…. And… if I say NO!… he’ll just my mother to try to guilt-trip me into it!


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