Mississippi Homeboy Throwdown

by BaHR
05 May 2015 1515

Ain’t got no message.
Ain’t got no rhyme.
Ain’t goin’ on tour
Cuz I ain’t got no time.
Ain’t been bailed out’ve jail
Cuz I ain’t done no crime.
Ain’t got no Street Cred,
But I’m still doin’ fine.

I’ve driven ’round the country
And I’ve flown around the world.
I was born in Mississippi.
I’ve even driven through Pearl….
****I even STOPPED!!!****
I didn’t get shot and I’m sure that you’re shocked!
So… if you need to feel my breeze, here’s what you can to do:
You can catch a whiff of my drift when I’m breezin’ through Yazoo!

Yep I’m headin’ South….
Somewhere South of the Mason-Dixon Line….
Somewhere South of Sheer Insanity….

(Still work in progress….
Warning: Don’t take this seriously!)


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