Confessions & Stagnant Ideas

by Verruca Vulgaris
05 May 2015

First off… Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
That’s not really a confession.

I don’t consider myself a poet.
If someone identifies me as one, I will flat out deny it.
Because writing poetry is HARD work! Very hard!
And… because I’m lazy….
I don’t like to work. I don’t enjoy work. I enjoy when projects flow. When I don’t have to even think….
When I have to rush to keep up with the flow of ideas….
Poetry really ain’t like that. At least not for me….
I don’t like to struggle. To sit… and think… about a word…. The right word…. The ONLY word….
Because there are an awful lot of words….
Writing songs is easy. Writing poetry is hard. Unless maybe you’re some kind of poetic genius… like Pablo Neruda….

Here are some ideas of phrases that seem to me like they should go together, but I can’t get them to immediately fit. I present them for your perusal in no particular order….

pistol whippin’ out and in, but… oh, so mechanically….

Driving in circle jerking like he was freaking jacking Jennie….

I ain’t no poopy Commie, Ninnie!

I ain’t got time to waste to whip that silly little Picadilly!

“Blankety-blank blankety-blank you blank blank blanking Hillbilly!”

They ALL sound like money to me. Why can’t I get them to fit together?

Might even make an adequately silly little love song….

But… moving on… beyond that disappointment….

I had an couple of ideas for a couple of songs. All I’ve got are ideas for the titles…..

(Our Love is Like a) Rodeo Clown Car (Trapped in Traffic), and…

Cowboy Solitaire (Confessions to my Therapist)… which is about a lonely cowboy… who cheats at cards….

Oh, well….
Not sure anything will ever come of any of this….
Added 1,000 words to a not-so-short Fantasy story I’ve been working on yesterday. It’s up to 9,000 words… and still growing…. That one’s called Dog Boy….
Worked on various other projects….
Can’t ever seem to get caught up….

It’s almost like… WORKING!!!


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