Winter Fire

by BaHR
14 January 2015 1414
19 January 2015 0914
04 May 2015 0024

Just as sure as a cold Winter’s day
Crawls into long Winter’s night
Those hard-working slaves love to
Crawl into bed for their blissful respite.
Their hot love’s fire…
Burn hot with desire…
Burns out of control…
Then burns down to coals…
That suddenly chill… then all-too-quickly… die….

And then… silently… seemingly suddenly…
Here we are….
Alone… together… in the dark….
We try to rub together… to make a fire…
But we can’t even get a spark.
So… he we are… trying to start over again….
We got one candle burnin’, Baby,
But we’re burnin’ it from both ends.
I’m just sittin’ here wonderin’….
Should I just quit now…?
Or should I play to win….

Summer’s sun burns so brightly
Until all of loves ardor is spent.
We love with religious fervor
Then even more quickly repent.
Autumn loves a Harvest Moon
As much as a wedding tent.
But seems all-too-soon
Rather than spoon
He rolls over in bed
Turn his cold shoulder instead
And by refusing to kiss
Signals something’s amiss
Then rather than swoon
She turns her back on her groom
And… well… the message’s been sent!
Welcome to the Winter of our Discontent….

At first they try to handle it all quietly.
Even though they seem to do nothing but fight nightly.
Without the passion
The tie that binds breaks when pulled too tightly,
And as is the fashion
Such stark-struck lovers- contritely-
Conspire to cash in their chips and just quit!
Maybe they say something nondescript
Like “I’ve had quite enough of your shit!”

I feel the cold Winter winds blowin’…
I can’t help but sigh….
In the gatherin’ gloom
Gatherin’ stormclouds blot out the sky.
Knowing our love will wither,
Turn increasingly bitter,
Or just fade and die.
So I sit alone
Stoking the fire
Scratchin’ my head
And wonderin’, “Why?”

But… does it really have to end this way?
Do you and I have to utter the same words
We laugh hearing other people say?
Do you and I have to play the same blame games
We mock while watching other people play?

I know you know what’s coming, too.
Maybe you can feel the gloom…
The doom… headed our way.
But do we have to sit idly by?
Do nothing more than fold our hands and pray?
Just throw another blanket on the bed?
Try to lay snuggly in our dread?
So we get comfortable where we lay
And just placidly watch our love die?
Or… maybe we can try to do something instead….
Maybe light a Roman Candle.
Strike flint and steel together
And maybe make some sparks fly!

This was what I thought I would work on tonight.
I did. Just a little. And… a piece of music, too.

This is WAY too diffuse. Unfocused.

When I was younger, I would have considered this adequate.
Not any more!

This started out as part of what is now two other works. You may notice the similar dates. But Blanket was actually started a long time ago. I think I discussed that in a previous iteration of that work I posted.

The idea was to write lyrics for a Torch Song or Jazz/Blues Standard. Noir Jazz….

So… I searching for a certain… smoky… feel….

Lyrics that are so tight… that they feel loose….

I’m looking for substance… and flow….

An emotional appeal through description… not emotional words… which actually utterly fail to convey emotion most times….

I’m trying to write viscerally intense lyrics….

And support that with music that matches intensity… and also evokes a certain specific emotional feel….

Takes me a while…. To gel….


2 thoughts on “Winter Fire

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  2. The words seem tragic and despairing….it’s only lyrics for a song, I thought. Anyway… It’s full of good and energy.

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