Somewhere South of Sheer Insanity

Haven’t really had an idea for a project that could seriously be consider horrific….
Not before anyway….
Maybe that was simply hubris….
Because this one certainly sounds horrific!

In defense of this project, trying something new. Trying to record a Fender Jazz bass guitar through a Line 6 Bass Pod XT Live connected to an Mbox2 interface to the iMac. Connected it DI. Experience tremendous delay in signal…. TREMENDOUS delay…. Makes it very hard to stay on time when trying to anticipate when to play the note…. That and the amount of space in the VERY slow song… leaves PLENTY of room for noticeable inaccuracy…. Tried to edit that out… but lack sufficient editing skill… and knowledge of Garage Band to accomplish that tonight….

Perhaps some of the other musical elements will cover over the flaws…. Cosmetically…. So the flaws aren’t so glaring…. So… UGLY!!!

Perhaps I will figure out how to record without so much delay…. I know it’s something technical…. Didn’t have the same issues when I tried this before… a few years ago…. But that was with Pro LE instead of Garage Band…. Need to figure this out so I can record plugged in….

So… this post is really about perseverence in pursuing one’s artistic vision….
Sometimes you might feel like your groping around like a blind man trying to sing the blues….
Keep groping….
Persevere in pursuit of your art….
Whatever you feel your art to be….
BE it!
Be in the moment….
THAT moment….
That moment of creation… that lasts a lifetime…. At least has the possibility to last a lifetime…. Or longer….

Our else… your stuck…


3 thoughts on “Somewhere South of Sheer Insanity

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  2. I’m not understanding this one at all….but I’m quite confident you know exactly what your doing…and with purpose!

  3. I like word “persevere”….you show that and teach others that. I dislike the word “stuck”….

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