Interesting Science… Playing Music….

This video is actually a gross oversimplification of what really happens. The proprioceptive components of the somatosensory cortex (parietal lobe) and planning and initiation of motor function executive aspects of the pre-frontal cortex… the ballistic adjustment (error correction, anticipation and memory) of the cerebellum… and the “muscle memory” inherent in spinal interneurons, etc….

Basically… what a great musician does… is choose which learned sequences are inserted where… depending on the timing… key… and amount of space… while making it all sound natural and spontaneous….

The Zen qualities of being in the moment… and slowing down time….

Perhaps Music Therapy could have some potential for improving memory… or delaying memory loss… in Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementia patients….
Especially if initiated early in the disease process….


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