Writing Science Fiction….

Well… the fact of the matter… is that ALL Science… is Fiction….

Some of it is just recognized by the general public… and science proselytites… as being such….

What is almost unanimously accepted as “fact” today… will in the near future be derided as almost farcical….

That’s just how Science works. At least… that’s how Science is SUPPOSED to work. Sometimes… our biases get in the way… and we have trouble dragging our dead and decaying holy cows out of our hallowed halls… to be properly disposed….

ALL Scientific knowledge is by its very nature temporary… unless those “facts” reach the realm of religion….

I had an idea for a story while I was visiting my father in the hospital last week. After he fell and broke his hip.

The idea was to explore the concept of REALITY….

REALITY for my father… who is demented….

REALITY for my mother… whose world is being rocked by my father’s dementia… but also by his hip fracture and rehabilitation….

And… REALITY. Period.

To get to that story… which has not yet begun, by-the-way… I needed to get to a better understanding of REALITY. What it is. How we humans construct our personal Realities….

That’s what led to this mornings Public Service Announcement.

Waxing eloquent on my internal musings….


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