Romantic Love (unromantically rough first pass)

I expect a few people are just about to act all incredulous….

Woke up this morning. With a song in my head. An idea for an arrangement….

And then… a couple of words….



So… I got up… and went over to my composing chair… to write the new lyrics….

Published that.

Got out of composing chair and walked over to the recording chair. (I usually write the music on the couch, but I switched it up this morning.) Picked up my cheap, old Yamaha SJ-180 tuned in Standard E… and figured out what was in my head. Took… five minutes…. Maybe…. Put the Yamaha down and picked up the Briarwood tuned Open D… and figured out the chorus….

Turned around and wiggled my mouse. Tried to remember how to change the inputs. Laid down the Acoustic Rhythm Guitar 1 track including Intro (made up on the spot) Verse and part of Chorus (positioned center). Created a new track. Recorded Acoustic Rhythm Guitar 2 which included the chorus and decided to mess with the stereo- something I’ve never done (moved track to right, I believe). Put down the Yamaha. Picked up the Briarwood. Created another track. Acoustic Slide Open D Rhythm which included the chorus, and hit record. Moved that around a bit and adjusted the stereo output (to the left, I think). Then I created Track #4, which is vocal recorded from both inputs. Two mics. Centered. And hit record. I redid it. Then… I saved… and sent it to iTunes, then from there uploaded it to OneDrive…. And then I moved back to the composing chair to compose this missive. Didn’t do much editing. Didn’t quite get the position correct. Rushes the vocals because it’s malpositioned. The acoustic rhythm and slide don’t line up. But… I got the song written. Except for the Bridgey part….

Created a folder for the album: Blues, Bad News and Other Abuses of Muses.

Here it is- Romantic Love (unromantically rough first pass)


7 thoughts on “Romantic Love (unromantically rough first pass)

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  2. I’ll have to figure that one out! Keep writing…keep singing….in the sunshine and the rain….that’s a good day…pure and sure!

  3. Just saw. I asked “who you were”…on “Fishy Tales”… Thinking you were the “Jerry”. That’s what I meant.

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