I mentioned that I finally got my recording equipment working yesterday. The song fragment that I posted yesterday was an organic piece, meaning that it was just an unvarnished ambient recording of me riffing on an old guitar… just to see if I could get the set-up working. Previously, I had tried to record some things using the microphone in my MacPro….

I also spent some time trying to learn how to use the compositional components of Garage Band. Internal instruments. Completely digital. No playing anything. Tapping on keys on the keyboard at the most.

Here is one of my first attempts:

I think it may actually be my first attempt. You may notice that the bass and keyboard parts get a little temporally separated…. The keyboard gets ahead of the bass by about half a count. That’s easily correctable. I just liked the dynamic tension it gave the piece….

This is a more mature version of the piece:

Obviously… it’s a lot busier…. More tracks. More sounds. More different sonic ideas.

I was trying to accomplish several things:
1. learn how to use Garage Band,
2. write a song,
3. create ambient music that is not too obtrusive to serve as background for stories (yet another projected that I have in mind….)
4. create pieces that can be looped, so that they repeat… and can be meshed easily and unobtrusively with other similar pieces (Fantasizing a Sorrowful Man has that same idea, though I don’t really continue it for very long… mostly because I get bored….)

A note on nomenclature: typically, if I use the word lyric to describe a piece, that means that the work has music. Somewhere. Even if it is just floating around somewhere… lost… in the fog inside my mind….

Hopefully some of it will be able to fight it’s way out before too long….

I will probably put up some of the instrumental tracks first. And then maybe add vocals. If I am feeling particularly brave. Or foolish.

I call the album: Blues, Bad News, Half-Truths and Other Abuses of Muses.


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