Fantasizing a Sorrowful Man

Was going to go into to Boston. Purchase/pick up a piece of equipment. A Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 USB interface for my Mac. To connect instruments and microphones, etc. Couldn’t get my Digidesign Mbox 2 to work. Old piece of equipment. Old program. Not EVER well supported. At least not without serious expense….

My daughter nixed my plan. The social life of teenagers. Probably had to discuss passing her driver’s license test. Warning people she cares about….

Anyway…. Gave me time to putz around…. Download drivers…. Fiddle. Faddle. Fiddle-faddle and futz. Some more…. Until finally… it worked…. Didn’t have to go down to Boston anymore….

So… I went out for a walk….

And the rest of the lyrics to God is Good popped into my head….

I should say that I have just started training. I am working on a new couch-to-chair-to-couch program I’ve been developing. I cheated just a bit today. I did couch-to-chair. I was just supposed to do couch. So… I guess I can scale it back a bit tomorrow.

Anyway… here is what I recorded today….

Mostly just a mike check.

The guitar is tuned Open D. It’s a cheap guitar. A Briarwood. The cheapest on Peavy makes. Or made.

I usually tune Standard, but down to C.

But this guitar is Open D. DADF#AD.

Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you… Fantasizing a Sorrowful Man….
In which I commit several serious atrocities….

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