Simply Plotting… in a Strange New Millieu.

Where is all of this about Black Death and Cumans and Nestorian heretics and Tanais and Marco Polo and The Great Schism… coming from…? Where could anyone ever see a common thread in any of that? Did this suddenly become some sort of history class?

Three words for you: plot lines.

Oops! Guess that was two. Words.

Various plot lines.

Believable fiction must be based somewhere in fact. The fiction that I like best is when I cannot tell where the facts end… and the fiction begins….

Such as… where religious dogma ends… and real life begins….

When you can never tell whether what you are experiencing is real… or not….
What you sincerely believe… is truth… or not….
Do you DARE… question…?
Do you DARE… simply accept…?
How do you know what is what… and what is wrong…?
How can you have the Courage… to remain Faithful… when the world around you is out of control…? Telling you convincingly that you are DEAD WRONG!!!

We’ve only begun to scratch the surface, gentle friends and gentle readers….
Grab some padding for your seat. I have a feeling this is about to become a bumpy ride!


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