How Magic Works: the Establishment of Science as a Religion in the Modern World with a Few Examples.

Modern men have Scientific minds, so we are not deceived by things such as magic. So… we don’t need magical thinking such as religion…. Because we are modern men…. With modern minds…. And don’t believe in such fictions…. Because we have facts…. Because we are modern men and women… with modern logical minds….

Or… so we tell ourselves….

While we accept that randomness MUST exist… and build theories that rely on that concept… that cannot be proved…. Random numbers are pulled from lists… or generated by computers… that pull them from lists…. And lists… as everyone knows… cannot be considered random. Random numbers are nothing more than magical thinking. M-theory and Superstring theory are nothing more than magical thinking. Why? Because they depend on a very large, but very specific number of dimensions that cannot be explored or even comprehended by the human mind… nor can they be tested by Scientific means… for at least a hundred… perhaps a thousand years… if ever…. A hypothesis that cannot be tested… and Scientist readily admit is never likely to be tested… cannot be accept… accept by faith… and that places such dogmatic belief… squarely in realm of religion…. That’s not what I say. That’s what the Scientific Method says….

So… how did modern Scientific minded man come to the point of establishing Science as a religion?

The answer is magic.

Voodoo and other forms of magic work because man wants to believe… or is taught to believe… in powers beyond himself. Once we begin to conceive… to believe… the power of magic begins to grow in our minds. Things like randomness… which cannot be proven… tends to take hold of our thoughts. We begin to explain events we observe through the magical lens of randomness… and soon begin to believe that NO other option for explanation is even possible. We become convinced that our explanation MUST be right… and anyone who disagrees MUST be insane… because this magic is so clearly at work in our minds….

Voodoo does not work unless the victim knows they are ensorcelled…. Hexed…. Cursed!

And when they do… everyday events… suddenly are seen in relation to that perceived… that believed… curse….

The same thing happens with Science just as it does in any religion. Believers begin to attribute what they see and experience to the machinations of the god whom they believe in and whom they serve. Be that Science or reason or randomness or anything else. The Vikings attributed thunder to Thor because they were ignorant… which simply means they had no other tenable explanation for what they saw, heard and experienced. The mind of modern man works precisely the same way; we simply choose to perceive and believe ourselves… and our minds… our rationalizing mind… vastly superior… because we choose to believe we have evolved and are evolving….

We delude ourselves. We stop looking for other explanations. We stop accepting any other explanations. We form our magical thoughts into a religion. We take what we think we know… and use that as the basis for explaining EVERYTHING we see….

However… Science is founded on questioning…. Not answering….

In REAL Science… no answer is ever foundational. EVERY answer… every explanation… must be continually questioned…. New answers and new explanations must be continually sought. No answer is ever correct for very long.

Believing in Evolution or the Big Bang Theory or even gravity… is religion… straight up… not Science.

Imposing your belief in any specific theory of Science dogmatically… and refusing to accept even the possibility of truth in other answers… is completely unscientific. It’s just religious fundamentalism in a different guise. Under a different name.

What do I mean?

For over 2,000 years one religion reigned supreme. Was unquestioned. Was ABSOLUTELY correct. Was ABSOLUTELY proven. Was the foundation upon which all other scientific structures were built. Euclidean Geometry. And then… we began to realize that the very premise on which that mighty structure was constructed… was fundamentally flawed. The assumptions were never proved… they were simply accepted. As rigid dogma. Planar geometry worked well… as long as the world was flat…. Which means it never really even approximated the truth. The petty intellectuals and academics were only fooling themselves… and the rest of mankind… for a few thousand years… spewing their fundamentalist religious dogma….

Same thing with gravity. Newton discovered the force of gravity. And the idea of forces. That explained essentially everything that man observed. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. An apparently ubiquitous concept. Then he invented Calculus to prove it all, because mathematics was previously not sufficient to prove it.

By the end of the XIXth Century, Classical Newtonian Mechanics had answered all of the questions. Scientists were discouraged from going into Physics because all of the fundamental questions were answered. Nothing left to do. The battlefield of Physics was nothing more than Iraq at the end of the Bush Administration- just a few mopping up operations. Nothing more.

During those mopping up operations a man named Planck was working on something called Black Body Radiation… and discovered that he could not explain what he saw using the available ideas, but that assuming that energy was released in discrete packets he called quanta could work and Quantum Mechanics were born. At about the same time, some completely klutzy idiot working in a cushy patent office job in Switzerland fell asleep in his chair with his feet propped up on his desk and fell back and must have hit his head or something… because he suddenly began to suggest that Newton hadn’t really gotten it right. And… even Euclid must have gotten it wrong. Because… the accepted Science… really didn’t have the tools… to explain what was being observed… and had been observed ever since the dawn of time with regards to gravity…. Gravity was so well known and accepted that no one even ever bothered to question it… except Newton… who was also hit on the head…. Perhaps you can see a pattern developing…?

So… that fool Einstein chucked Classical Newtonian and Euclidean Geometry… and foolishly proved that their was a better way…. Non-Euclidean Geometry which did away with the cherished concept that gravity was a force… and proved that really it was nothing more than curvature in Space-Time… which he also invented. Of course, Einstein was a fool and everyone knew and accepted that. He was just a lazy bum who sat around in chairs falling asleep… and falling… literally. And riding around in trains… and having wild raving imaginings… that he called thought experiments… and put as much faith in as actual Scientific experiments…. Einstein was fool. And everyone knew it. And… then… a miracle happened…. His predicted results turned out to be more accurate than Newtons…. And that through the Scientific world completely off kilter. Because… what his Theory of Relativity really said… was that nothing is fixed in the ENTIRE Universe…. The only thing that is real… is the Speed of Light…. Everything else is relative… to the Speed of Light….

Now… Science should not have been completely surprised. Maxwell had suggested that forces are inadequate to explain things like electricity and magnetism. That fields are a better explanation. And Planck had suggested that energy existed only in discrete, measurable bundles called quanta. But… again mathematics failed… because it was inadequate. So… Dirac made up the Delta Function. Heisenberg established the Uncertainty Principle… stating that we cannot actually know certain critical information about subatomic particles. Schoedinger proved that nothing is ever absolute: anything can happen… no matter how statistically improbable. And Dirac stated flat out that God was nothing more than the hyperactive construction of a weak mind, because we’ve figured it all out. At the same time everyone was arguing whether energy was a wave or a particle… because it could act like either… depending upon the conditions…. And Einstein postulated that the answer you get… depends on the conditions you set for the experiment…. Meaning… no answer in Science can ever be considered absolutely correct… because by designing the experiment… you inject inherent bias… that invalidates the result….

Oh… and de Broglie proved that matter and energy are both constructed of interchangeable waves….

Well… once again Science had all the answers. Or so it seemed…. Planck’s Quantum Mechanics explained all of the nitty-gritty details of all of the extremely tiny pieces and Einsteins Theory of Relativity explained all of the mysterious working of all of the really gigantic problems… and all that left to be done was to work out the mathematics of unifying those two unproved theories… and we had it all worked out….

Unfortunately… a Grand Unified Theory… was not forthcoming. Because the mathematics couldn’t be worked out…. Because every time anybody tried… and anybody who was anybody in almost any field of Science or Mathematics certainly tried… but ultimately failed…. Because the equations always devolved into positive infinities and negative infinities and division by zero…. The answer always comes down to singularities… which are really no real answer at all. All results ever obtained and verified… were completely invalid… and everybody who was anybody knew it.

So… that takes us past the cosmological concept called very generously the Big Bang Theory or the Standard Model… which cannot actually be a theory or a standard and accepted Scientific model… because it could never actually be tested… because the mathematics cannot be made to work….

The Scientific Method tells us that at this point we must throw out all of that… and go back to look at every possible or impossible explanation… no matter how irrational it may seem to us. To choose to do anything else is to inject immediately a huge amount of inherent bias… that completely invalidates any possible conclusion that we may eventually reach….

Of course, the course that logical argument dictates… was clearly not the course that was followed….

That leads up to Superstring Theory and M-theory and other theories that can never be tested… that must be accepted simply on faith… even though they are not actually theories and are not even legitimate hypotheses… because they cannot actually hope to formulated into testable hypothesis…. But has anyone proposing any of these “theories” actually come out and told the truth about that…? NO!!!

The sketchy “proofs” of Superstring and M-theory are predicated on a high specious set of mathematical equations proposed and accepted without proofs by an Indian genius named Srinivasa Ramanujan… who barely managed to scribble his meandering ideas into a notebook before he died. He was such an amazing mathematical genius… that no one could follow his ideas… which since they considered themselves to be best and brightest mathematical minds in the history of the world… he must be on to something GREAT!!! Using his equations… Superstring and M-theory can be easily solved! However, they still cannot be scientifically tested. Because the multiple other dimensions beyond the four dimensions of Space-Time that we know… cannot be demonstrated…. They cannot be tested…. They simply must be accepted…. As religious dogma.

My favorite of these “theories” is M-theory. Because those who back M-theory as an alternative to God as an explanation for Creation just simply flat-out exclaim that they believe an infinite number of Multiverses exist… each with a different and unique set of conditions… or Laws of Physics… such that one ABSOLUTELY MUST exist with the conditions required for vibrations to occur spontaneously that would allow for Creation without God…. The Superstrings would, of course, be created spontaneously… out of nothing… as would the vibrations…. But… that is a indisputable… but untestable… Scientific fact… that I am required to believe if I have half a brain….

No, that is anti-Scientific bullying bullshit!

And… unfortunately… I don’t have half a brain like those who seem to seriously propose that their religion is based on fact, not faith seem to possess…. So I don’t believe it. I find the whole concept ridiculously unscientific because it requires me to put supreme faith in something that is purely conjecture and cannot be tested… and before long… will be replaced by some other idea…. Because that’s just the way Science works. You may have noticed the pattern….

By all means! Believe what you want! But… understand that your belief system is nothing more than a dogmatic, fundamentalist, faith-based religion… just like mine. We are EQUAL! Christianity is NOT superior. Believing God created the Universe and everything in it is NOT superior. We are equal. And as equals, we should be treated equally… since ALL positions are based equally on faith, not fact.

Believing that God exists cannot be proved. Believing that God does not exist cannot be proved. Both positions are based sole on faith. So the positions are logically equivalent. The only difference is that one admits the truth that it is based sole on Faith.

Look at Superstring Theory and M-theory! Secular Humanism… Atheism… neither is nothing more than a RELIGION!!! Both are based on nothing more than faith in something that cannot be seen and cannot be felt and cannot be heard and cannot be smelled… and cannot be tested… therefore… it cannot be considered Science. Period. End of rant.


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