Pulling Teeth and Public Persona….

I don’t like to talk about who I am. What I am. Where I am. Where I’m going. What I’m doing. What I’m thinking. Why…. Any of that.

I like to give clues. Drop breadcrumbs….

Most likely… because I don’t really know myself…. Myself.

I love to be mysterious. I don’t like to explain. For me… explaining myself is tantamount to failure….

I am a gestalt thinker. I don’t think linearly like most people. I don’t think through things. Ideas spring into my mind completely constructed for the most part.

When an idea strikes me… I try to sketch it out quickly as possible and as immediately as practicable when it comes to mind so that I don’t forget it. Sometimes I work and rework it and turn it all over and over in my mind before I write it. Sometime I just write. Sometimes I write fragments. Sometime… the whole thing comes out at once. Sometimes I wake up with ideas. Sometimes I can’t sleep. Sometimes I dream. Sometimes they just hit me completely out of the blue.

When I post a piece… of a larger piece… it’s almost always extremely intentional. To be provocative. To make those who are interest in mystery… think….


One thought on “Pulling Teeth and Public Persona….

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