Senatorial “Zero Tolerance”, or Ray Rice, Solange Knowles and Roger Goodell versus the American Dream.

Maybe some of you saw this:

Goodell needs to go. So does Ferry. So does Silver. So does every owner or announcer or player or vendor selling peanuts or anyone else who has ever uttered a slur to someone different from himself or herself. We need to fire every man who has ever hit a woman… and every woman who has ever hit a man. Solange needs to be treated just like Ray Rice.

We MUST put the pursuit of Justice ahead of the pursuit of power or control or payback or payment or anything else. Lying about what Justice is so that I can win an argument today or get something to which I feel entitled, but have never worked for… will not lead to equality in the end. Such bias and bigotry will inevitably lead to discord and institutionalized injustice. Until the Justice Department removes their color-tinted lenses and begins to look at EVERYONE equally, there can be no Justice in America: only a swinging pendulum of payback for the perceived injustices of whomever currently sits atop the throne of political correctness.

So… rather than acting rationally… unfortunately we need to act irrationally and just fire everyone who transgresses until America’s bloodlust for victimhood is sated….

When the passion to crucify EVERYONE who is different from ourselves passes, maybe we can lose our hate and begin to love one another….

And maybe then we can can begin to pursue the American Dream again… and Liberty and Justice for ALL. Not just MY people. ALL people.

I realize that advocating for Liberty and Justice… and Love… for ALL will be considered insulting and offensive to some who have bought into the hate-speech and bigotry of some politicians and special interests who claim to represent the disenfranchised. Only Education and Opportunity will fix America. Only working together towards the American Dream.


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