Atheist Fundraising


As I’ve mentioned before, my club is trying to put on a conference in my city. As such, we need funding. We have a couple fundraising ideas: Send an Atheist to Church (people get to vote on which church, or other religious institution, an atheist or group of atheists will attend by donating money into said churches pile) and Stone an Atheist (people get to pay to throw water balloons at atheists). However, we don’t know what kind of reception these events will get, and we want to have other ideas just in case they don’t garner the success that we need.

For the atheists/agnostics/freethinkers out there, what kind of fundraising events have you tried and what have you found to be successful/unsuccessful?

For the religious people out there, how would you react to those two above events? What type of events would you be willing to participate in if…

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