What the Media ISN’T Reporting

I don’t know why so many media pundits seems to be missing the obvious here: President Obama is playing politics and trying to secure his legacy- which is not his Presidency, but changing the culture of America to International Communism.

Look at this report:

That piece of news is an opinion from one of the MOST conservative papers in America. And even they miss it!

American Foreign Policy. Obamacare. The opening of America’s Southern Border. Refusing to enforce laws that are contrary to agenda, while vigorously over-enforcing laws in order to intimidate or eliminate political opponents. Selective enforcement of the First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech and Practice of Religion… again to further a political agenda…. Blatantly lying about Benghazi and covering up the Gun-walking fiasco. Destroying evidence in the IRS scandal. Senior Department of Justice Lawyers blatantly denying political opponents right to a fair trial by illegally exposing sealed evidence in order to sway opinion and gain an unfair advantage. Unethical. Amoral. Hypocritical. A corporate sense of entitlement. Apathy towards equality to do not provide exclusive benefits. Tolerance towards the institutionalization of targeted injustice- as long as it’s directed against their political enemies.

But… WHY??? What’s the BIGGER picture?

President Obama and the Progressive Liberal Communist Fascist do not want America to be out front leading because that would: 1. separate America from all of the other truly Communist countries in the World, and 2. divert money from the wanton political spending of American Taxpayer money that is being diverted to repay and rebuild Unions and high-value donors such as Wall Street bankers and Tech and Media Moguls. By diverting the money AWAY from military spending and towards Green Energy initiatives and Union shops he is not only enriching his investors, who will recycle that money back into the Liberal Progressive Communist Fascists campaign coffers, but he is also removing money from the pockets of his political adversaries.

Obama and Progressive Liberal Communist Fascists are not looking at short-term security: they are looking at total transformation of America and the World into the International Collective. They wish to grab and maintain and expand political power. Being policeman to the World and promoting Democracy around the Globe does not appeal to them. Not at all. They don’t believe in Democracy. They want to destroy the economy and the banking system and the education system and the family and the utter entirity of American Culture. The Constitution is meaningless to them, except where they can use our laws to their political advantage for the purposes of propaganda. For example: owning firearms legally is tantamount to murder of innocent school children, but abortion is not murder of an innocent infant- abortion is a woman’s legitimate choice. Freedom of Speech opposing abortion is restrict to postage stamp size “Free Expression Zones” and requires any group wishing to so express their right to Freedom of Speech to foot the bill- plus the Union salaries of government personnel; however, protest promoting the Communist overthrow of Capitalism or redistribution of wealth through completely bogus minimum wage hikes designed to drive more businesses out of America are unrestricted, cannot be opposed and the Unions are not required to pay. Requiring political opponents to pay government employees- whose wages those same taxpayers already cover- would be illegal and would prosecuted by the Department of Justice under any other circumstance. Forcing someone to pay money to people- who then return part of that money to the people who determine their salaries- is illegal because such actions… essentially kick-backs… have been absolutely vetted as blatant corruption. A government contractor cannot buy a stinking cup of coffee for a government employee because of the fear of swaying their opinion; however, the government Union… the largest Union in the World… can give unlimited campaign contributions to the members of government who legislate their pay? And… they can limit access to political events for those to whom they do not contribute… while those taxpayers are picking up the bill for putting on the event? That’s blatant Nepotism. And… it’s illegal. Because it’s corruption.

But… Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky both claim that all is fair as long as Capitalism… and Democracy… are destroyed. That is the ultimate expression of Social Evolution in the minds of Liberal Progressive Communist Fascists.

Don’t take my word. Read Marx. Read Alinsky. You can bet President Obama and his cronies have!


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