Good Grief: When Overwhelming Tragedy Strikes.

the Dark Mirror: Reflections for Flawed Christians

Lots of pain and suffering and angst and turmoil residual from the long Labor Day weekend. I’m not talking global. I’m talking personal.

Lots of TRAGEDY. Lives rocked. Worlds exploded. Cataclysmic scale life-changing events.

I tend to try not to inject myself in other people’s grief. Because grief is personal. I really don’t have any words of comfort, because I know I didn’t want to be comforted: I wanted to GRIEVE!!!

Here are some thoughts. Or rather… questions….

I’m lifting them from a conversation I had with a friend.

What do you do when you need a hug, but the effort required to break out of your shell is just too painful?

How do you react when your World is turned upside down and gravity no longer holds meaning for you? The only thing that seems to tie you to the Earth is that the World SUCKS!!!

If you in…

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