“Wage Theft”… Versus Extortion….

Read all the way through this article.

This article documents workers holding DoubleTree hostage for money they clearly state in the article they proved they already paid…. But… that’s NOT theft?

Why did they protest DoubleTree and not the contract service provider for the backwages…?

Because of the Deep Pockets Principle. The lawyers figured that the bad publicity for DoubleTree would be a quicker way to get what they wanted.

Why didn’t the lawyers or the Unions just give the workers a loan while they attempted to settle the conflict equitably and with integrity?

Because… it’s not about JUSTICE…. It’s about domination. Getting their way.

DoubleTree got DoubleWronged. Federal law prohibits DoubleTree from interfering in the personal workings of other companies and their employees. I’m sure the lawyers and Unions know that.

This article doesn’t present the full picture. This article focuses on the “human interest” side: presenting isolated narratives of specifically chosen individuals. The purpose is not to seek the truth: the purpose is to press an agenda…. The objective is not fairness or equity. The purpose is VICTORY!!!!

I am NOT arguing that businesses should be allowed to steal from workers. I have been payed a salary that would have been far below the minimum wage for the number of hours that worked: 110-120 hours a week. I have had my salary manipulated to try to force me to quit. And… that was from one of the major players in this push for Social Justice. Seems universities and liberal progressive power-brokers sincerely believe that their rules and pronouncements are strictly for those below them. Elitism at its Ivory Tower and brutal BEST!!!

So… Unions are good for business? Unions are good for workers?

No. Unions are good for Union Elite. And Communism is good for government Elite. The people at the top always take care of themselves. The Progressive Liberal agenda as envisioned and enabled by Alinsky and his followers only shifts who in power… and therefore… to whom the pilfered wealth is distributed. And… it ain’t to the poor or the middle class. They are nothing more than ignorant pawns….

At least Alinsky is honest. But he’s dead. He can afford to be honest….

Anyway…. Do you NOT think there is going to be a backlash?

And… someone is going to have to pay for all of this.

THAT will be you: the American Taxpayer….


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