Philosophy versus Theology and the Prosperty Gospel… with Special Emphasis on Dallas Willard

the Dark Mirror: Reflections for Flawed Christians

This is going to get long… and it’s gonna ramble…. You are forewarned!

I guess it’s easy to sink into a kind of us versus them. But many of “us” don’t know what we’re talking about.

I sincerely believe that God is ONE. Radically ONE. Unified and unifying.

Taken to its logical conclusion, if God is ONE, then the Universe is also ONE. I don’t mean that in the mystical metaphysical sense of Eastern Philosophy and I don’t mean it in any touchy-feely everybody should hold hands and feel good sort of way.

I mean God is ONE; therefore, ALL of God’s Creation was good- before it was corrupted. Satan was good before he was overcome with hubris. Adam and Eve were good before the Fall. Still… even in our fallen state… God loves us. God wants good for us. Even Satan.

But… God is not just good. Not just…

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