Populism: A Facade for Fascism and a Disguise for a Proxy War on Women.

I don’t know if this is true. But… if it is… the implications are HUGE!!!

I will assume that there is at least some truth to it, and go from there….

Not only for the five terrorists released in exchange for Bergdahl, but also for the current crisis of President Obama and his lackeys construction on our suddenly unsecured Southern border… but also for how our Justice system is being shaped to racially prioritize redistribution of Justice… based on skin tone and ethnicity….

When the Constitution Chief Law Enforcement Officer… and Commander-in-Chief of our military… and head of all of our Intelligence Community… prefers to spy on law-abiding citizens… and go rogue….

Bad things happen….

Look at President Obama’s single greatest Foreign Policy victory: getting American troops out of Iraq….

Well… at least maybe now Iran will have something to worry about. A military that will actually challenge their authority.

Ooh… and… maybe our former allies… the Saudis… are stepping up to the plate. Maybe they were expecting this from America all along….

One more thing…. I wonder what is happening… will happen… to all of those women we encouraged to embrace Western ideas of Equality…. How many will be killed? How many will be tortured? How many will be enslaved? As a direct result of our President and his administration’s choice to play politics with other people’s lives….

Ever wonder why much of the World doesn’t trust America?

Ever wonder why Christians are hated?

Christianity brought equality for women and minorities to the West. Christianity is why America values ALL human beings. And… embracing those values… come at a very steep cost….

America’s Soldiers and their families did not sacrifice their bodies and their lives for ANY politician or ANY political idea: they sacrificed to spread the American belief in the supremacy of human dignity and equality… as expressed the now trite phrase “And Liberty and Justice for ALL!!!” Our leaders seem to have forgotten that. True Freedom and True Justice have been subjected to a radical racist agenda to usurp and maintain political power so a few rich and powerful people can become richer and more powerful for a longer period of time. They obfuscate the Truth. They lie to those who should know better. They manipulate the unwashed masses. That is the nature of Populism when it becomes a facade for Fascism….

Read the abuse literature and you will soon understand that President Obama’s abandonment of the women in the Middle East is abuse. It’s a Proxy War on Women. Now… he can promote himself as the Champion for Women’s Rights… as he manipulates the mechanism for their abuse and subjugation. Mental and physical and political enslavement.

If you think Radical Fundamentalist Islam… be it Sunni… Shi’ite… Alewite… Druze… or other… will be satiated… or be slowed… you… and our leaders… are sadly mistaken….

Good news? It’s not our blood. And other people don’t seem to matter to Liberal Progressive Socialist Fascists. Only those who vote for their candidates… or donate money to their causes….

This is nothing more than propagation of their political agenda. Communism requires complete destabilization of Society prior to overthrow. Charles Manson understood how to start Class Warfare… and how to profit from it once it begins. He understood that the key is Institutionalized Racism under the disguise of racial Justice and Equality. Anytime wealth is redistributed, the money managers get the biggest cut of the pie. And their profits are the only ones that are guaranteed….


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