Who am I? What do I Write? And… WHY do I write THAT…? Introspection. And… a Writer’s Rebuttal.

A friend of mine read some stories of mine today. She was concerned about my subjects. What I choose to write about. Why I choose those subjects. Why I can’t seem to just… move on… past the tragedies of my life…. Why I choose to linger…. To dwell…. In that Hell…. Of my own construction….

Good questions…. Legitimate questions…. Legitimate suggestions….

So… I asked myself… in a brief nanosecond of introspection…. “Is what I write… WRONG???”

And… here is my rebuttal….

I write about real life. Real situations. Reality. As I see it.

At times life can be overwhelming.

At times life can be depressing.

I choose to laugh… rather than cry….

I am a writer. And… I am a physician. I am a Scientist. And… I am a Christian.

I write Science Fiction. And Fantasy. And… I like to slip Theology and Philosophy into my stories. Because I am a Southern Conservative Christian. That’s just… who I am. And… to hide that part of me in order to become more popular… at least in my myopic… dystopic… worldview… would be closely akin to deceiving my readers.

Yet… I am definitely not a “Christian Writer”. Because I am not writing at Christians.

Christians have good writers to walk beside them. To support them. To tell them about God.

Non-Christians don’t.

So… I’m not writing at Christians. I’m writing about God as I have experienced him. Personally. So others can perhaps gain a glimpse of a different… but no less skewed… even screwed… perspective. On God. On Science. On Psychology. On Philosophy. On LIFE!!!

I’m writing about redemption. And I’m presenting a dirty, depressing, circuitous path towards that goal. So others can see. And know that they are not alone. Someone else has been there. Walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. And lived to tell about the experience.

Many of the characters I create are tragic. Or… tragicomedic. Because life is tragic. And funny. If you chose to see life from that perspective.

I have judged. And… I have been judged. I have seen both sides. And… I have learned from both experiences.

Have you never experienced churchy people who completely lack compassion? Have you never felt rejected because of things completely beyond your control? If not, I don’t expect my stories will speak to you. But if you have experienced utter reject… out of the blue… from someone who promised they would always love you…. Death. Financial hardship. Bossy people. Bad work environment. Bad weather. Unexpected catastrophes. Any… or all of the above… then my stories should grab your heart… rip it out of your chest… and show it to you… while you cackle hysterically until you cry… trying the whole time to suppress the urge.

And… if anyone feels the need to judge me… go for it! I sincerely believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion. Their own interpretation of reality. Just don’t expect me to blindly parrot your beliefs. I chose to think for myself. Make my own choices. And hold my accountable.


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