Recent Reads: Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

I read Cat’s Cradle by Vonnegut because I was looking for inspiration composing my own tome of Science Fiction satire.

I must admit that have relatively rarely felt so disappointed in a book that by all reports is considered to be the very apex of wit and black humor. At least… I learned what the references to a “karass” in Jo Walton’s novel Among Others were all about… other than suggesting that she read a lot of Science Fiction and Fantasy as a sex-starved adolescent…. (Among Others was awarded the 2011 Nebula and 2012 Hugo Awards for Best Novel… and I really didn’t care for it either….) I just found the fare trite and… boring…. I suppose if you don’t have any idea what Ice-IX really is… maybe what he wrote was enough…. Some of the Bokononism was entertaining…. Making fun of my religion doesn’t really bother me. But… the sexy stuff… really wasn’t…. Didn’t go far enough to actually be funny. And I find that to be a fatal flaw in satire…. To stop half way….

Trivialization of Science so superficially makes it difficult for me to suspend disbelief. I get hung up on criticizing the irrelativity… the innanity… the incoherence… of the misrepresentation of Science…. The lost opportunity…. To inform… To educate….

Maybe Slaughterhouse Five will be better. I hope so. Vonnegut has such a great reputation as a satirist. I would really love to love his writing. At least he has really short chapters. That’s a good thing.

Decided to read The Restaurant at the End of the Galaxy by Douglas Adams first. I enjoyed The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but really think it was a knee-slapper either….

I wonder why avoid Atheists and Secular Humanist seem afraid to satirize their own beliefs…? Seems like it would be easier… and immensely more authentic… to actually criticize things you know about… rather than driveling about things you don’t…. Should be able to find many more subtle… and profound… objects… or subjects… for criticism in things one knows reasonably well… I would think….

But… maybe some cows are held too sacred to slaughter….

Maybe I should take a dose of my own medicine….


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