ObamaScare: Getting Scarier!!!

Got a call on my cell last night. Out of the blue. Mass Health Connector….

February 27th is the last day to pay for coverage starting March 1. Open enrollment is about to end….

I have previously documented that I made the multi-hour trek in to Boston TWICE to pay for January and again to pay for February. I have receipts….

The phone call last night seems to imply I’m not yet covered….

So… if I’m not covered for the almost $2000 for the two months I’ve already paid… with receipts… why would I believe I was covered mailing a check in to the government…? The entire Massachusetts State Revenue Service seems to be unable to track payments…. And that’s after they screwed up all of my on-line banking…. For my mortgage…. Now I have to deal with fixing that….

And… I’ve paid an exorbitant price for coverages I don’t need…? Well… the good news…? Apparently I was never insured. Just assessed….


One thought on “ObamaScare: Getting Scarier!!!

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