Keynesian Macroeconomics and the Peronist Argentine Model: Implications for American Liberal Progressive Socialism.

I am going to start out with a provocative statement that ties together the modern American Liberal Progressive Socialist political agenda. Here goes:

Harvard Historian Niall Ferguson had the hubris to point out the English Economist John Maynard Keynes didn’t have a vested interest in the future… because he produced no progeny… because he was gay….

Of course… he could have attacked any Conservative on any possible grounds, but pointing out that Keynes was gay was considered out-of-bounds….

Professor Ferguson shouldn’t have gone there… because in doing so… he allowed his message to be pivoted and… essentially… his point was ultimately buried….

But… Professor Ferguson was right in one respect…. The modern American Liberal Progressive Socialist political agenda is closely modeled on the Argentine Peronist and other Populist Socialists and Marxists governments that claim to be about empowering the ignorant masses, when in fact they are aimed at nothing more than empowering and enriching a very small oligarchy of politicians and their families, friends and business partners…. A unholy union of Big Business, Banks and Industrial Unions….

Now… anyone can spew baseless claims…. I need to back up what I am saying….

First… read President Obama’s guidebook on “Community Organizing”… Saul Alinsky’s famous Rules for Radicals…. You probably haven’t. You probably won’t. Especially if you’re a Liberal Progressive Socialist or a Populist…. And even if you do… you will say the same thing that Alinsky says…. ANYTHING is OK in the fight for political power…. I disagree. Profusely. Lying, cheating and stealing are NEVER acceptable in a Jeffersonian Democratic Republic. Perhaps I will explain how the current brand of Jacksonian Democrats is nothing more than a rehash of Hamiltonian Federalism… Centralizing the true Power of Government in the hands of a small number of Bankers and Businessmen and Unions… under the guise of Populism… which concentrates money to an even greater extent in the hands of the Ultra-rich and the Uber-connected… but you can NEVER understand that… if you don’t understand THIS….

Saul Alinsky’s point was that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so be corrupt… but seize power by any means necessary first…. Lie to YOUR constituents… because they will believe you…. Demonize the opposition… because it will pump up your base….

Now… the Argentine Peronists….–business.html;_ylt=AwrBJR8S5.tSqxgAGKzQtDMD

The Argentine Finance Minister is an avowed Marxist… and the major principle of Marxism is DESTROYING Capitalism…. The Peronist Party has manhandled the Argentine Independent Media (Argentina actually had one!) to shut down any discussion of the corruption within the ruling party…. The Argentine President blames ALL of the countries economic woes on foreign government intervention and treasonous acts by Big Business…. Do those tactics sound at all familiar…?

The Argentine opposition openly calls President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner “Imperialist”… and she was clearly angling to change the election laws to allow her to be “President-for-Life”…. Here is a much longer and more detailed story:

Anyone who disagrees with the policies of the Argentine government is viciously attacked…. Personally attacked…. Financially attacked….  Threatened…. Investigated…. Sound familiar…?

The government routinely lies about unemployment and inflation…. Hides what is REALLY going on from the public…. Shifts blame…. But never addresses the root causes of the economic issues….

Here is an interesting discussion of what is happening in Latin America’s two weakest economies:

The problem…? Both have ENORMOUS Natural Resources…. They just spend too much…. And refuse to follow sound macroeconomic policy…. Because they are Populist Marxists governments bent on destroying Capitalism… who are forced to make very poor economic decisions in order to maintain their tenuous grip on power…. And that… by definition… demands short-term macroeconomic model… that barters the entire nations economic future… for current political power….

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today….

Unfortunately… Economists say that President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner needs to allow the Argentine peso to adjust to inflation naturally… and needs to hold the minimum wage where it is instead of bowing to Union pressure and indexing the minimum wage to inflation…. But… Fernández de Kirchner (whose husband was Argentine President before her… just as with the Perons….) is a Populist…. And many of her advisers are Marxist professors and Maoists…. So… she cannot do what is best for Argentine Prosperity long-term… and maintain control….

That’s the problem with Socialism… Marxism… Maoism… Communism… Populism… Liberalism… Progressivism… Keynesianism…. The Macroeconomics are fundamentally unsound in the long-term…. At some point the bill will inevitably come due…. The currency will HAVE to be devalued… and the people who never understood the slight-of-hand that their Great Leaders were performing will not be able to understand that the outcome is inevitable…. Printing money will NEVER fix the Economic Issues…. Only sound economic policy will…. We MUST live within our means….

One problem of long-term unemployment is that the work force becomes depleted of skilled workers. So… we need immigrants…. But while paying people not to work WILL make the economic numbers look better in the short-term (because the non-working poor will immediately recycle that money to Ultra-rich), teaching people to unproductive and a drain on Society is ultimately extremely detrimental to any nation. The process is called hysteresis. Here is an article that talks about the effect:

Here is a definition or description of hysteresis:

The solution is not artificially creating inflation by raising the minimum wage… which is nothing more than a political maneuver designed to fool the ignorant. The solution is not to pour more money into government spending and redistribution of wealth… because the money will ALWAYS be disproportionately redistributed to the Ultra-rich…. We have already done these experiments and we know the outcomes…. Keynesian Macroeconomics has never been good for ANY nation’s long-term financial health. Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Maoism and Populism have never existed long-term in a Democracy: ALL such macroeconomic models can only exist under Totalitarian Fascist regimes….

Another point…. The modern model for the Democrats descends from the historical Jacksonian Democrats… which were defined by Nepotism… which is just another word for Political Corruption…. Political Corruption magnifies the inefficiencies of a poor Macroeconomic model…. Political Corruption allows for the maintenance and expansion of short-term political power, but is NEVER good for long-term fiscal stability and growth of ANY nation.

ObamaScare provides many excellent examples of the severe negative impact of Nepotism and institutionalized political corruption….

So… please allow me to return to the provocative statement at the beginning of this discussion: the failure of Keynesian Macroeconomics is not because John Maynard Keynes was gay and childless and therefore not invested in the future Economic Health of England. England was at the end of her Grand Imperialistic Expansion. England’s Grand Economic Crash to Earth following World War I was inevitable…. Because England was losing her Empire… and her access to Natural Resources… and her trade monopolies… and her stranglehold on the World’s Economy…. Keynesian Macroeconomics did likely hasten the demise of English Economic Power… because it spent the capital that England had unwisely…. Bled England dry….

But without it…. We would have never had the Beatles or the Rolling Stones or the Sex Pistols…. Because England would have had resources to remold herself…. Same with the rest of Europe…. Countries who have high standards of living maintain the value of their currencies…. Like Switzerland…. Like Germany….

Those countries do so through education…. They attract educated immigrants…. A young, educated workforce is very important for long-term Economic Prosperity….

America cannot continue to limit the number of children we produce to maintain our quality of life… and remain Economically Prosperous… within attracting well-educated, hard-working immigrants…. Offering Economic Opportunity to Outsiders has always been a very large part of the fabric of American Prosperity….

Supply Side Economics is the only current model that seems to have any real chance of success…. Capitalism….

The problem with Keynes’ Economic Theories has nothing to do with his sexual preference or reproductive choices… and everything to do with the myopic political expediences that those ideas engendered….

Western Culture is based on and bathed in the Christian traditions of valuing women and the poor and protecting them from government excess and abuse. Increasing the power of Central Government has ALWAYS focused on transferring more power to the rich and well-connected while taking power away from the people. Secular Humanist support strengthening the Central Government because they are involved in controlling Education and Central Government is the largest single investor in their greatest religious enterprise: Scientific Research. A lot of the rest of what we are witnessing is a concerted attempt at rebranding the values of Western Culture to reflect a small subset of people who feel rejected. Chaff and Flares. Sleight-of-hand. An attempt to direct the eyes of the unwashed masses away from a grab for power by the Elite. The Entitled.

It’s just like Panem et Circeses. Bread and Games. The first iteration of the Welfare State.

The problem is… Welfare… is nothing more a more effective means of enslavement…. Because of Hysteresis. The ONLY way to empower anyone… is to educate them… and equip them to work and support themselves and their families…. Give them a legitimate reason to be proud of themselves….

THAT is where America should be spending her Taxpayers money….

Not Green Energy kickbacks or Federal Employment paybacks to Political Contributors…. That’s nothing more than Political Corruption….


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