Yellow Journalism, or Liberal Bigotry.

Two men were fired. Or two non-African-Americans were fired, one of whom is a non-qualified minority (minority only because his race, skin-tone and national origin lead to abuse, not because he receives any benefits from Federal quotas). All three did the same thing. Repeatedly. Why was the African-American woman kept? Sexism? Racism? Ratings? Protegé of Rachel Maddow? Cried on camera?

One other point. Ms. Melissa Harris-Perry has demonstrated EXTREME prejudice towards men of similar ethnicity as Mr. Bashir, mocking Governor Bobby Jindal’s use of an Americanized nickname, without attacking President Barack Obama for using the nickname Barry….

ALL three of these people violated the accepted ethics of journalistic integrity. Multiple times. All THREE have demonstrated not only extreme hubris and rampant hypocrisy, but also Liberal Bigotry. Chris Matthews seems to spew NOTHING but hate speech. Rachel Maddow prances out undocumented evidence that she refuses to retract when it is shown to be inaccurate. MSNBC is entertainment: not journalism.


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