More Lies from Obama

Instead of claiming that anyone who doesn’t agree with him… even in his own party… is a warmonger….

Why doesn’t President Obama just come out and tell America the TRUTH…?,0,4116168.story#axzz2qLHQk6LI

What’s going on here? The White House is attacking Democrats who want to do more to bring Iran to the bargaining table. Iran appears to be mocking Obama. They now have a deal that guarantees their right to enrich Uranium. They are even planning to modernize their centrifuges. Iran gave up nothing. And in return for nothing, they got protection and legitimacy.

Now Iran is mocking America:

A Doctrine of Appeasement sends the wrong signal: a signal of weakness of will to resist. Iran reads Obama’s moves as opening the door to nuclear weapons. They probably view President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry as fools. Iran also feels empowered inside the Muslim world as America turns its back on Saudi Arabia.

Why is President Obama bullying members of his own party who are trying to force President Obama to do what the MAJORITY of Americans want done…?

Seems to me that Obama is a politician and not a leader. And he doesn’t a war with Iran to stain his Presidency. Being seen as starting a war would be a HUGE political issue for him going forward with his political base. Being seen as an advocate for peace is what got him elected over Hillary Clinton and won him a Nobel Peace Prize… as the NOT George H. W. Bush, Jr. president….

But Appeasement is NOT making the world a safer place. Kicking the can down the road is only allowing our enemies to catch and overtake us….

I fully expect that Obama will be reviled in history along with British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who gave Adolf Hitler Poland so that the United Kingdom to avoid starting a war. Many people are comparing 2014 to 1914. Especially in the Middle East. And inspections that do allow for inspectors to determine if non-peaceful use of atomic energy are being developed…. Well… that’s a problem….


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