Slipping and Sliding Towards State Capitalism.

The Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis and Wall Street Bank bailout….

The GM and Chrysler Bailouts….

And now… this… hidden inside the ObamaCare legislation:

Interesting that the Democrats continually claim that Big Business is on the side of the Republicans. That doesn’t really line up with reality. And this article helps explain why. They profit more from siding with Big Government….

It’s a dirty game. Politics makes for strange bedfellows….

America’s success has largely been built on two factors: separation of Church and state, and separation of state and business. We embraced laissez-faire Capitalism. And we became the greatest, most successful nation in the world. Now… we are slipping away from laissez-faire Capitalism…. And… we are starting to slide… down that slippery slope… into obscurity….

Hint: What’s good for politics… and great for politicians… ain’t necessarily good for people…. Especially the Middle Class who inevitably has to pay….


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