Fascism Disguised as Diversity: Little Sisters of the Poor versus Liberal Bigots….

The Left Wing Liberal Bigots have deemed the Catholic Nuns the Little Sisters of the Poor a threat to ObamaCare… and Obama….


How about a little context….

People who work in hospitals are forced to take flu shots against their will and can be fired if they refuse to submit to such a blatant invasion of their personal sovereignty. Seems preposterous… yet… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/31/dreonna-breton-flu-vaccine-pregnant-nurse-fired_n_4520298.html

Employees may also be fired for for talking about their religious beliefs….

Apply equivalent prophylactic measures to other scenarios…. Other more politically correct groups….

Massachusetts high school students are forced to observe a “Day of Silence” in support of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender students and are not allowed to express or even wear clothes that can be interpreted as being unsupportive of the political position. Attacking the Little Sisters of the Poor goes far beyond even mandating specific prayers in schools… but in the opposite direction…. It’s Fascism disguised as diversity.

A “Day of Silence” is not necessarily a bad thing. Definitely not Fascism. Forcing people who may not want to participate because of personal or religious beliefs… through systemic coercion… IS a bad thing. IS Fascism. Is WRONG!!!

Forcing one lifestyle choice on others is WRONG! Refusing to respect another person’s freedom of choice (obviously within limits) just because you choose differently is also WRONG!!!

Forcing a group of people to pay for something they strongly disagree with on religious grounds is WRONG!!!

Hate the Sin, but love the sinner….

Clearly certain politically correct… and politically active… groups are being afforded political power greatly out of proportion to their number….

Can you image a Class Action suit involving ALL men in America because ObamaCare and other “improved” insurance don’t cover Viagra…? Demanding Sexual Equality under the Law…? That’s the equivalent of forcing men to cover things they will never use. Married men typically cover the cost of reproductive benefits for their wives. So… we’re not talking about married women for the most part…. We are talking about men paying for sex for women to whom they are not married… and from whom they receive no benefits…. This is not a reciprocal relationship. This is not equality. This is institutionalized bias. This is Fascism disguised as diversity.

Reproductive benefits…. That’s a lie.

Think about the morality…. Men fathering children they don’t want or even care about…. Women have children they cannot afford to provide food and shelter for… and who will prevent them from ever climbing out of poverty…. Children… born of Slaves… destined to be Slaves… of a corrupt… corrupting… political… system….

If you want to create a Slave population… that is blueprint… because the Slaves won’t even realize they are enslaved…. Throw in drugs….  Take away all ideals… such as personal responsibility and integrity….

You get the picture….

Welcome to the Future….

I write Science Fiction… so I can create my own….


One thought on “Fascism Disguised as Diversity: Little Sisters of the Poor versus Liberal Bigots….

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