ObamaCareLess: Personal Experience in the National Leader for Affordable Care….

This is my personal experience with ObamaCare.

First, think about this…. I live in Massachusetts… not one of the stupid Redneck Red States that chose not to set up their own exchanges and use the Federal Exchange that is not working…. WE are the LEADERS in Affordable Care… as the State Website (that doesn’t work) proudly proclaims…. WE have our own site…. WE developed this whole experiment for the rest of you SUCKERS!!!

I spent over twelve hours on the web sit trying to sign up. Couldn’t pick policies. Couldn’t even enroll names. About two weeks later, I received two official letters apiece for myself and each of my three children. The issue? The State of Massachusetts is unsure of our Immigration Status. We need to prove that we are legal residents!

Now that’s a HOOT!!! Not just because no one on any side of our family has immigrated since before the Revolutionary War, but because we are a true BLUE State that doesn’t believe illegal aliens should be called that degrading name! President Barack Obama’s undocumented uncle works at a liquor store in Worcester… or at least he did until he was arrested for drunk driving!

So… I spent another 12 hours on the phone…. And… I was finally told that I was enrolled… and I picked my policy…. and all I would need to do was pay… but I couldn’t pick enroll for dental insurance….

And today… they told me when I finally got through… that they had no record of my enrollment….

No… Needed to call another number… get into another phone cue….

Finally got through…. We apologize…. We just lost your information…. No…. You never signed up….
Wait…. I’m going through the call log…. You DID sign up…. Found it…. I had…. But hadn’t picked policy….
Oh… yes you did….

Yada. Yada. Yada.

They finally found me. I had enrolled. I had picked my policy.

Monthly premium… almost $1000….
Annual deductible… $4000….
Not including dental, of course….

And the good news… the web site wasn’t working… and isn’t working… so I have to drive to either of two inconveniently located offices serving the entire State of Massachusetts where I can pay in person… because they don’t accept any other form of payment… and too late to mail….

And… Massachusetts is the self-proclaimed National Leader in Affordable Care…. That’s certain an act….


4 thoughts on “ObamaCareLess: Personal Experience in the National Leader for Affordable Care….

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    • How many working people actually have over a full calendar day to spend trying to get Federally Mandated Healthcare? NO ONE!!! NONE of the Exchanges work. We’ve got the best one and it doesn’t work. But… the messages when you call on the phone still tell you to go to the site!!!

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