Values Versus Diversity

Interesting commentary from Liberal Progressive Socialist Fascist world view….

Everyone is entitled to believe what WE believe! No other values actually have values…. The problem is that I am right and everyone else is wrong… and if everyone else in the world would just recognize and accept that… then we could all just get along…. Hope and Change….

Obviously… the problem is… the Liberal Progressive Socialist Fascist values expressed above are not only hypocritical… they are extremely bigoted and demonstrate ENORMOUS cultural blindness… and oppose rather than uphold diversity….

For example… not every nation or group embraces Gay Marriage, Gay Rights or any acceptance of homosexuality…. Forcing cultural change on another group… with differing opinions… that cling to strongly… is NOT an example of cultural diversity…. It’s out-and-out bigotry…. The issue is that in America and much of the rest of the West… the “narrative” has been commandeered by a very small minority of the population expressly for the purposes of imposing their political values on others…. And THAT is unethical….

Morality cannot be legislated because morality is a personal value. However… immorality can be imposed on others through legislation and through inequitable application of the judicial system. People all over the world have the right to their religious beliefs. That is guaranteed not only in the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, but is also expressed in the highest laws of almost every modern nation. The issue is minority groups seeking to push a political agenda that empowers their position over the majority… rather than seeking the opportunity to live their lives in peace in the community to which they belong….

ALL humans need to embrace mutual non-negotiable respect before ANYONE can expect any REAL progress…. Look at the Liberal Progressive Socialist Fascists in America… and the social and cultural agenda that a small minority is foisting on a passive majority… because they currently have control of Education, the Mainstream Media, and Politics… and you should have no issue understanding the inherent bigotry… masquerading as moral values….

Now… look at the Middle East… where various ethic and religious groups have been fighting one another for almost a thousand years… without let up…. A Liberal Progressive Socialist American mindset is VERY likely to be HIGHLY offensive to a VERY large proportion of the population…. Forcing your values on others… with whom you lack credibility… is HIGHLY unlikely to accomplish anything positive…. And will only fan the flames of war to fever pitch….


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