Obama signs Executive Order: Blanket Federal Work Excuses.


Cutty Snark

President Barack Obama signed a new Executive Order today designed to ease some of the burden the implementation of his Signature Health legislation, ObamaCare, has placed on previously insured Americans… and Illegal Immigrants…. President Obama stated that his New World Order was designed to right the floundering vessel of state. He stated: “I am hereby declaring that ALL Americans and Undocumented Aliens who lost Healthcare coverage as a result of the callous disregard Republicans demonstrated by allowing the Democrats to pass these heinous acts will be given Federal Work Excuses that will allow them to miss work anytime they feel bad… or just don’t feel like working.” The President went on to explain that he believes the right not to work was a Constitutionally mandated Federal Policy. He further explained that he believes his overwhelming electoral mandate of almost 2% gives him the authority to declare that disease and injury…

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