New Duck Dynasty Flap: Phil Robertson is Spreading his Wings….

Cutty Snark

Duck Commander Enterprises announced today that they would be taking some of their time, talent and drawing power to a different network desperate enough to allow them to produce a show that showcases their ideas of cultural diversity and redefines the entirety of America’s cultural ethos and pathos. The new offering (or sacrifice, as some have George-dubbed it), now in development, has been given the running title “Hunting Bigots”, though the original idea was to name the show “Crossfire”. Apparently that name was not felt to be a good fit for any type of reality television or news program….

The Robertson family’s new reality show will be filmed during the contractual hiatus of their other two wildly successful shows and will feature members of the Robertson Klan competing to be the first “bag the limit” of Liberal Progressives and other Left Wing guest. Uncle Si stated that the entire family…

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