Mystery Meating….

Doesn’t rise to the level of satire, butt….

Cutty Snark

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi held a real presser today to tout her new initiative: she served as a volunteer in the soup kitchen of a homeless shelter preparing food for wounded veterans. Apparently, the Liberal Progressive Socialist Fascist politician was surreptitiously filmed by her daughter, almost famous cinematographer and consummate social voyeur, Alexandra Pelosi, who just happened to be working on a project to be aired on notoriously non-biased middles-of-the-road even than Bill O’Reilly… serious man… Bill Maher…. The segment was tentatively titled, “I Walked into the First Soup Kitchen for Homeless Disabled Veterans I Saw and Just Started Filming… and… This Is What I Got!” Apparently not caught on tape was an apparently heated exchange between one disabled veteran and the ersatz chef. Ms. Pelosi labelled her latest fictional fornication a “Crockumentary” and stated that the experience gave her an idea for a family video cookbook.

When the…

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